Creepy, Clever, and Fun Halloween Recipes

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Creepy, Clever, and Fun Halloween Recipes

Halloween Recipe Round Up

Are you ready for Halloween? The week is upon us, and we know you are thinking about what to make for all of your Halloween celebrations. From savory to sweet, from scary to frightfully fun, today’s post has something for you! Today’s lineup includes fifty…yes – FIFTY Halloween inspired dishes from the Sunday Supper crew that are sure to be an absolute hit at your ghoulish get-togethers. The entire family is going to love assembling these fiendish food items in the kitchen! Now for the fun – scroll through our collection and pick out a few to try this weekend!

Creepy Clever and Fun Halloween Recipes

Baked Mummy Cheese Hot Dogs – Adorable and delicious! Melty, cheesy goodness oozes through little biscuit bandages.
Beef Stew with Ghost Dumplings – A filling and savory stew with adorable biscuit ghosts!
Blackened Chicken Legs with Red Beets and Potatoes – Sophisticated and ghoulish! Blood red beets and blackened chicken make for a spooky Halloween meal.
A Bowlful of Creepy Crawlies – Spooky potato worms will frighten your Halloween guests…and are sure to be gobbled up extremely fast!
Brain Cupcakes with Red Moscato Wine Shooters – It doesn’t get much scarier than these! Brain shaped cupcakes plunged with a syringe of wine jello shooters.
Broken Glass Cupcakes – Watch out for the shards of broken “glass” and dripping blood adorning these creepy cupcakes…

Creepy Clever and Fun Halloween Recipes

Candy Corn Bark – A quick holiday treat that is both salty and sweet!
Candy Corn and Chocolate Chip Cookies – Chocolate chips, candy corn, and a cornflake crunch make these cookies irresistible!
Candy Corn Cocktail – For an adult beverage, try this cocktail with candy corn infused vodka.
Candy Corn Sugar Cookies – Transform your sugar cookies to look like the beloved Halloween candy.
Candy Corn White Chocolate Pretzels – Easy to make, colorful, and tasty! These bites would be irresistible.
Candy Stuffed Rice Crispy Treat Pumpkins – There is a yummy pumpkin spice surprise on the inside of these crispy pumpkin treats!

Creepy Clever and Fun Halloween Recipes

Chocolate Peanut Butter Halloween Puppy Chow – A crunchy mixture of chocolate and peanut butter coated rice cereal squares. You’ll be addicted.
Chocolate Potato Skull Cake – An impressively creepy cake that is sure to be the hit of your Halloween party!
Chocolate Raspberry Ghoulash with Witch Fingers – Use these witch fingers to dip into a dreamy dessert dip.
Creepy Cerebrum Cocktail – A freaky frightening brain created with shrimp cocktail!
Devilish Potato Mummies – Spicy baked potatoes mummy wrapped in cheese; the black olive eyes peeking out are cute but scary!
Graveyard Parfaits – Classic dirt pudding gets a Halloween makeover with pumpkin and cookie tombstones.

Creepy Clever and Fun Halloween Recipes

Halloween Buffalo Ranch Pork Bites – Pulled pork, buffalo ranch, and cheese…topped with spider rings that can serve as Halloween party accessories!
Halloween Ghost Flatbread Pizzas – Break out the party pizza bar and put together some spooky ghost flatbreads for Halloween dinner
Headless Gingerbread Men – Traditional gingerbread men get a macabre makeover. Ah!!!
Homemade Butterfingers – Create your own version of a favorite candy bar.
Jack O’Lantern Shepherd’s Pie Stuffed Peppers – Quite possibly the perfect dinner to eat before you trick or treat! Stuffed peppers in the shape of jack o’lanterns are a frightfully fun dish.
Loaded Mashed Potato Spider Web Casserole – A loaded potato pie that’s delicious at any time of the year, but extra spooky when adorned with a spiderweb pattern.

Creepy Clever and Fun Halloween Recipes

Marinated Mozzarella Eyeballs – Eyeball, anyone? These cheesy treats are frightening to look at but delicious to taste!
Mashed Potato Monsters – These little mashed potato monsters are not only creepy, but they are delicious to snack on as well!
Meat Head – Oddly cute and terrifying, this charcuterie adorned skull is a perfect (and edible) Halloween centerpiece.
Meringue Bones – A few broken meringue bones served over a coagulated pool of raspberry blood make for a ghoulish Halloween dessert.
Monster Bites – The most ugly and terrifying cake pops you’ve ever seen…but they’re seriously cute at the same time!
Monster Joes – Pasta shells oozing with sloppy Joe filling; fun for the family to assemble before trick or treating!

Creepy Clever and Fun Halloween Recipes

Monster Mouths – These sweet treats can be a healthy holiday snack option!
Monster and Mummy Cupcakes – Dress up your cupcakes for Halloween with candy corn spikes.
Pretzel Mummies – Adorable, easy to make, salty, and sweet! These pretzels hit every note.
Pumpkin Cookie Bars – Cookie bars specked with Halloween candy and piped with a spiderweb design!
Pumpkin Whoopie Pies with Biscoff Cream – These cookies are a perfect bite for the pumpkin filled season.
Red Moscato Candied Apples – Wine laced candied apples are an adult friendly Halloween treat!

Creepy Clever and Fun Halloween Recipes

Red Velvet Cake Eye Balls – Scattered among a grassy lawn splattered with blood; it’s all that’s left of the unfortunate humans who served as tonight’s Vampire feast…
Shrek’s Dirty Q-Tips – Green, gooey, and GROSS!!!
Shrunken Heads in Spiced Cider – Try not to be terrified when you find a shrunken head staring back at you from your mug.
Sloppy Worm Sandwiches – Sure to be a favorite Halloween dish with the family – pile up your sandwich with worms!
Smoked Trout Pate Spider Bites – Go ahead, wrap your lips around that Black Widow. You had better close your eyes first!
Spiderweb Cookie Cake – A favorite cookie cake laced with chocolate candy and a spider web design.

Creepy Clever and Fun Halloween Recipes

Spooky Circus Animal Cookies – Classic animal cookies get a spookified twist with deep, dark color.
Stuffed Potato Spiders – Large arachnids serve as a meal, and small ones are great for a Halloween party appetizer.
Sweet Intestines with Bloody Glass – The ultimate gory and “gutsy” dessert, complete with edible glass shards!
Twice Baked Potato Graves – Even though these Potato Graves may be cute (and a little spooky), make no BONES about it, they’re super tasty and especially kid friendly with all the flavors and ingredients they love.
Vampire Delight Martini – A deep red martini reminiscent of blood – the adult guests at your party will find this beverage hauntingly good!
Witches’ Digits – Raggedy, torn off finger cookies. Munch on these easy to make bloody stumps…
Witch Hats – Pizza gets a magical makeover. Fun and customizable!
Zombie Bite Red Moscato Cocktails – A fruity Moscato cocktail completely creepified with a bloody dripping rim!

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October 15, 2015


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    What a gruesome and delicious collection of Halloween treats!!

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    What a great round-up! Thanks for including my Creepy Cerebrum Cocktail. Will make the rounds and share the posts tonight.

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    What a wonderful list of Halloween FUN recipes! Very inspiring to get one in the kitchen for this holiday! 🙂 Beautiful photos too!

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    These are amazing! I love anything goulish and ghastly, and all these recipes would make a fantastic Halloween feast!

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    I love Halloween and can’t wait to try some of these for my Halloween party with the students!

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