Four Essential Knives and Protein-Packed Recipes #SundaySupper

Four Essential Knives and Protein-Packed Recipes #SundaySupper

Make Every Meal Count #SundaySupper

Creativity in the kitchen isn’t just a mind game. Equipment is important, too.

And knives might just be the most crucial tools in the kitchen, especially when working with meat. This week, the Sunday Supper tastemakers have used their knives for sure when they developed recipes fit for The Beef Checkoff ’s 30-Day Protein Challenge.

There is a reason that chefs treat their knives like gold. They roll them in protective cases designed to keep them sharp and pristine.

Truth is, though, you don’t need a ton of knives, just a few good ones. And by good, I mean sharp. Dull knives are actually more dangerous than sharp ones because the user wrestles with them too much which can lead to accidents.

So sharp knives, yes, but what size knives? I believe that four knives can do just about everything you need done. Here they are:

8-inch to 10-inch chef’s knife. This is often called a cook’s knife and should get the most use. It’s good for cutting vegetables as well as disjointing chickens and cutting large pieces of beef. The chef’s knife is an all-around utility knife.

4-inch paring knife. Paring knives come in various sizes but this one will do for most small jobs. I use mine to peel fruits and vegetables when my peeler won’t do the trick. Good for detail jobs.

Serrated bread knife. Yes, it’s a specialty knife but it comes in handy when slicing tender quick breads or splitting cake layers. It could double as a tomato knife but if your chef’s knife is sharp enough, you won’t need one.

Boning knife. This slender, flexible knife is your best friend when cutting chicken off the bone or filleting fish. I use mine as a carver, too.

The Beef Checkoff Logo for PostsThis week, Sunday Supper partnered with the Beef Checkoff for a full menu of protein-packed recipes. Get your knives out and pick a recipe from our tempting list:

Start your day deliciously:

Power up at lunch:

Make a fantastically satisfying Sunday Supper:

Get your knife supply ready:

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Janet K. Keeler

Award-winning journalist Janet K. Keeler was the longtime food and travel editor of the Tampa Bay Times in St. Petersburg, Fl. She is now an assistant professor of journalism and food writing at the University of South Florida St. Petersburg. Janet retired from daily newspaper journalism in April 2015, ending a 35-year career. She has been a news reporter, copy desk chief, and features editor. She is also the author of “Cookielicious: 150 Fabulous Recipes to Bake & Share,” which was published in 2010 by Seaside Publishing.

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May 17, 2015


  1. Those are the knives I use most often. I couldn’t imagine not having them.

  2. Liz

    I have a Wusthof tomato knife that’s the size of a smaller chef’s knife with a serrated edge—I use it for most everything except it doesn’t mince well. I think I need to pick up a boning knife to complete my set.

  3. Brianne @ Cupcakes & Kale Chips

    Yep, those are my go-to knives! Though I do have a smaller serrated knife which is sometimes easier to handle when I ned the serrated blade, but not something so large.

  4. Christie

    Those are my most used too along with a really good quality knife sharpener.

  5. Mary Ellen

    I agree they are my most used knifes also. Having a knife sharpener is critical too for keeping them sharp.

  6. Jean |

    Isabel and Janet, so many people have huge blocks of bad knives when they would be better off having just these four in a better quality.

  7. Cynthia @ Whole Food | Real Families

    I am in such need of new knives. These are also my go to knives but I have an old set that was not of very good quality. I use them so often that they are in bad shape and won’t hold their edge well. Right now, I am bludgeoning my food into submission rather than cutting it! LOL



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