Golden Beet Chips with Sea Salt Plus more Root Vegetable Recipes #SundaySupper

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Golden Beet Chips with Sea Salt Plus more Root Vegetable Recipes #SundaySupper
Golden Beet Chips with Sea Salt #SundaySupper

Golden Beet Chips with Sea Salt Photo by Sunday Supper

Root vegetables aren’t the prettiest specimens in the vegetable kingdom. Most of them are gnarly and bumpy (kohlrabi, beets, celeriac, rutabaga), and those that aren’t are often dusty and dirty (potatoes, carrots, yams, yuca). But what amazing flavors they hold when roasted, fried and even eaten raw.

Take, for instance, Golden Beet Chips with Sea Salt. These earthy crisps don’t need much adornment, and the briny salt brightens them enough to zap the taste buds. The Sunday Supper tastemakers have been developing all sorts of recipes with root vegetables this week. I am sure you’ll find something to fall in love with among the 65-plus recipes. Join us at 7 p.m. ET tonight for our weekly Twitter chat. It is always 60 minutes of fun, and a great way to connect with other home cooks.

Back to my beets. Golden beets (or red beets) can either be fried or baked to make chips, with each cooking technique changing the taste a bit. I like the flavor that the oil imparts. It’s important that the frying oil is 350 degrees. Not hot enough, and the raw beets soak up too much oil and this makes them limp. Too hot and the slices burn quickly. Use a thermometer to ensure the temperature. You can see from the above photo that the chips shrink considerably when compared to the raw slices.

(If you would rather bake your chips, preheat the oven to 375 degrees. Place beets on parchment-lined baking sheet and sprinkle lightly with olive oil and sea salt. Go easy on the sea salt because it is much stronger than table or coarse salt. Bake for about 15 to 20 minutes. Watch carefully after the 15-minute mark to avoid burning. Let cool slightly before serving.)

So how to get those slices so thin? If you have a steady hand and a sharp knife, go for it. The slices should be about 1/8-inch thick and as uniform as you can get them. I use a mandoline, which I will admit I am nervous about. Years ago, I gave myself a nasty cut because I was rushing. Since then, I always use the food holder rather than my hand to hold the food and run it across the blade. Take your time. The blades are wicked sharp.

Just like roasted beet salad with goat cheese, these chips are a good accompaniment with that soft, tangy cheese. Sprinkle the chips with goat cheese crumbles, or make a dipping sauce. (To make a dipping sauce, mix 8 ounces soft goat cheese with 3 tablespoons each olive oil and plain yogurt. Mix in fresh herbs if you’d like.)  I like to add a few crisp beet chips to the top of a salad, too, taking the place of croutons.

Golden Beet Chips with Sea Salt Plus more Root Vegetable Recipes #SundaySupper
Serves: 4 servings
  • 4 medium golden beets
  • 2 cups vegetable oil
  • Sea salt
  1. Trim tops and bottom of beets. They may be peeled or unpeeled. If leaving the peel on, scrub well. With a sharp knife or a mandoline using the V-blade, slice the beets about ⅛-inch thick.
  2. While slicing beets, heat the oil in a skillet. You'll need about an inch-deep of oil. The oil should be 350 degrees, and you can test it by dropping in a small slice of a beet. Better yet, use a thermometer to ensure proper temperature. Fry in batches; do not overcrowd pan. Let slices fry until curled at the edges and most of the bubbling has subsided, about 3 minutes. Flip about halfway. Watch carefully. These thin slices will burn quickly, especially if the oil is too hot.
  3. Transfer the beets to a paper-towel-lined baking sheet and sprinkle with sea salt. Continue with the remaining beets. Let cool and transfer to a serving plate. The chips may seem limp when they are first removed from oil. They will crisp as they cool.
  4. Serve immediately.


Golden Beet Chips with Sea Salt #SundaySupper

Golden Beet Chips with Sea Salt Photo by Sunday Supper

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March 6, 2016


  1. I’d love to make my own veggie chips! A beet version is at the top of the list 🙂

  2. Beets are my husband’s last hold out of the Things He Won’t Eat. He came to the marriage with three and we are down to just beets. I honestly think this might be the method that changes all that, Janet!

  3. What a great way to use beets, and the color is so pretty!

  4. I tried making these a couple years ago, and definitely cooked them too long – crispy critters. I need to make these again – yours look so good! And what a healthy snack 🙂

  5. Do golden beets taste any different from their red counterparts?

  6. I love love LOVE beet chips. And the golden beets? So different in flavor, I think. Yum!

  7. These look like a great snack! I get them sometimes in veggie chip mixes, but I love the golden color of yours!


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