Chick-fil-A  Nuggets

time to make

"Made this recipe and they turned out delicious! The sauce was yummy too. Almost better than the real thing!!" R. Melise on Pinterest

You will need...

Boneless skinless chicken breasts Dill pickle juice Garlic powder Salt Pepper Paprika Flour Powdered sugar Eggs Milk

Yeast Package

It's so easy!

These nuggets are so easy to make and are ready to eat in 15 minutes!

Flour Bowl

Add chicken to a bowl with milk and pickle juice. Mix, then cover and place in the refrigerator for 30 minutes.


Whisk eggs and add to the bowl with the chicken. Mix well.


Preheat your air fryer to 375°F. Add all remaining ingredients to a bag and shake.


Spoon chicken into the bag. Shake well until fully coated. Remove and place to the side.


Spray air fryer tray with oil and place chicken inside. Spray the chicken with oil.


Air fry for 5-6 minutes. Serve with fries and homemade Chick-fil-A sauce. Enjoy!


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