BBQ Hamburgers

time to make

With an easy homemade seasoning and quick BBQ sauce, my BBQ Hamburgersare irresistible and a perfect fit for any get-together or fun family dinner!

You will need...

ground beef burger seasoning bbq sauce burger buns american cheese lettuce tomato red onion pickles cooked bacon

Yeast Package

Preheat grill to medium-high heat. Add ground beef to a large bowl, along with burger seasoning and BBQ sauce. Combine, but don’t over-mix or your burgers will be tough.


Divide meat mixture into 4 equal portions and shape each portion into a patty slightly larger than the burger buns.


Press down in the center of each patty with your thumb to make an indentation.


Once grill is hot, place the patties over direct heat. Cook 5 minutes on one side and 5 minutes on the other, or until they reach your desired degree of doneness.


Place a burger patty on each bun, then top with tomato, pickles, onion, lettuce, and tomato. Add cooked bacon if you prefer, plus a little extra BBQ sauce. Enjoy!


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