This really is the best pork butt recipe!! I never used to place a pan under my pork. This comes out perfect every time! -Pamelagreer

You will need...

Pork butt Beef broth Brown sugar bourbon seasoning

Yeast Package

It's so easy!

This easy Pork Butt on the Grill is shred-with-a-fork tender and uses just 3 ingredients!

Flour Bowl

Rub pork butt all over with brown sugar bourbon seasoning. Coat every side completely. 


Place an aluminum tray under the rack of your grill. Center it in the middle. This will catch the juices from the pork.


Pour beef broth into the tray. Place the pork in the center of the grill. Grill for 2.5 hours on low heat.


After 2.5 hours, remove the pork from the grill to wrap in foil. This will prevent the pork from burning.


Cook for an additional 1.5 hours on low heat. Remove and let is rest. Enjoy!


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