These will be your new best friend. It’s perfect for pairing with beef, chicken, pork, and more!

You will need...

Russet potatoes Garlic powder Sea salt Pepper Olive oil

Yeast Package

It's amazing!

With just five ingredients and 30 minutes of cook time, it is the easiest grilled side dish to make!

Flour Bowl

In a bowl, mix together garlic powdersea salt, and pepper.


Spray a baking dish with cooking spray to stop the potatoes from sticking.


Add your cubed potatoes to the baking dish and drizzle olive oil on top.


Take your seasoning mixture and sprinkle on top of the potatoes. Mix to fully incorporate.


Add the baking dish to the grill over Medium heat and cook for 30 minutes. Stir every 10 minutes!


Serve your grilled potatoes recipe, and enjoy!


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