Dry Aged Prime Rib

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Dry Aged Prime Rib is out-of-this-world delicious; by dry aging prime rib, it becomes more tender and the flavors begin to intensify.

You will need...

– prime rib roast – soy sauce – salt – pepper

Yeast Package

It's so easy!

Think it’s difficult? Think again! You can dry age prime rib right in your refrigerator with little effort.

Flour Bowl

Carefully place your prime rib roast on a roasting pan. Pat roast dry all over with a paper towel.


Using a basting brush, brush the roast with soy sauce. Completely cover all sides of the roast.


 Generously coat all sides of your roast with salt and pepper.


Place your prime rib in your fridge, uncovered, and allow it to dry age for 10-20 days.


 You’ll notice your prime rib getting darker in color. Remove and allow it to rest for 30 minutes before cooking.


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