Gluten-free Stuffing with Mushrooms & Bacon

time to make

Delicious, with under 10 ingredients including crispy bacon, porcini mushrooms, leeks, and thyme!

You will need...

Gluten-free bread Butter White onion Leek Dried porcini mushrooms Walnuts Bacon Fresh thyme Gluten-free Vegetable stock

Yeast Package

It's so easy!

A handful of easy ingredients and simple steps makes this gluten-free stuffing the perfect holiday side!

Flour Bowl

Bake bread cubes to make croutons. Steep porcini mushrooms in hot water. Chop bacon, leek, and onion.


Fry onion in butter in a skillet, then add leek. Scoop to the side and fry bacon in the same pan.


Strain mushrooms, chop, and add to the skillet with walnuts, thyme, and seasoning. Mix with croutons.


Transfer to a baking dish and roast for 20 minutes under foil, then another 10 without foil.


Serve and enjoy!


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