Holiday Charcuterie Board

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Your guests will be totally blown away by this grazing board!

You will need...

Galileo® Pepperoni  Galileo® Salame  Fresh bay leaves Fresh rosemary leaves Brie cheese triangles Dried cranberries Kalamata olives Blue Cheese Stuffed olives Mozzarella pearls Pecans or walnuts Pine cones to decorate Maraschino cherries Choice of honey and mustard

Yeast Package

It's so easy!

This board is not only tasty but budget-friendly, easy and beautiful!

Flour Bowl

Set a glass in front of you and fold salame over the rim. Overlap the slices and hold them down tightly.


Flip the glass upside-down and carefully remove the salami rose onto a plate.


Repeat the process for the Pepperoni. Take a paper towel and place it over the top. Fold it down and rubber band it to the glass, refrigerator for 15 minutes.


Take the glass out of the refrigerator and remove the rubber band and towel. Turn it upside down and set it down, removing the pepperoni rose from the glass.


Arrange salami and pepperoni meat roses on charcuterie tray, then layer salami and pepperoni between the roses.


Add brie and mozzarella cheese to the tray over the layers of salami.


Rest olives on the tray over the salami. Add walnuts or pecans to the tray, also near the roses.


Add dried cranberries to the tray, then add maraschino cherries. Place mustard and honey into dip bowls and add them to your tray.


Decorate with bay leaves, rosemary leaves and pinecones. If you're using a round tray like I am, it will look like a holiday wreath! Enjoy!


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