The Best Apple Crisp Recipe

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"I LOOOOOVE THIS APPLE CRISP RECIPE!!! I found it easy to prep and the whole shabang was wonderful." -Drew Hoffman

You will need...

McIntosh apples Lemon zest Lemon juice Orange zest Orange juice Sugar Ground cinnamon Ground nutmeg

Yeast Package

You will need...

For the Topping: All-purpose flour Sugar Light brown sugar Oatmeal Butter Kosher salt

Yeast Package

It's so easy!

Ina Garten Apple Crisp is a perfect make ahead dessert and brunch recipe over the holidays!

Flour Bowl

Heat oven to 350°F. Butter a baking dish. Peel and cut apples. Place into a bowl.


Add all of the filling ingredients to the apples in the bowl.


Stir until the apples are fully coated.


Dice butter and add to a bowl along with flour, sugar, light brown sugar, oats, and kosher salt.


Mix using the paddle attachment of a stand mixer. Work with you hands as well.


Pour the apples into the pan and top with the streusel topping.


Bake for 1 hour and let it cool. Serve with ice cream and enjoy!


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