The Best Potato Salad

in the instant pot


5-6 medium potatoes 1 cup mayonnaise 2 tbsp vinegar 1½ tsp salt 1 tsp sugar ¼ tsp pepper 1 cup celery ½ cup onions 4 eggs 1 cup water Fresh chives chopped 

Peel and cut potatoes into equal pieces. Add to the bottom of your Instant Pot along with water and the eggs. Pressure cook on high for 4 minutes. Quick release once done.


Remove eggs and place into an ice bath. Drain water from potatoes and place the pot into the refrigerator. Place celery, onion, and eggs into your pot of potatoes.


Combine mayonnaise, vinegar, salt, sugar, and pepper into a bowl. Mix well.


Drizzle dressing over top of your pot with potatoes, celery, onions and eggs.


Mix everything together well.


Garnish with fresh chives, and egg slices. Serve chilled and enjoy!


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