Chilaquiles Recipe

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"I made this recipe for the first time over the weekend and now my family is obsessed with it. They are asking for chilaquiles every day!" Amy on Pinterest

You will need...

Chilaquiles Corn tortillas soft Canola oil Eggs Tomato salsa (red) Tomatillo salsa (green)  Cheddar cheese

Yeast Package

You will need...

Avocado Crema Avocados  Greek yogurt Garlic powder Lime juice  Maldon sea salt  Black pepper

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You will need...

Optional Toppings Avocado Crema Mexicana Cilantro  Green onions  Cotija cheese Queso fresco

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It's so easy!

This is the perfect opportunity to use up any leftovers you have in the fridge!

Flour Bowl

Cut corn tortillas into triangles.


Fry tortilla triangles with canola oil on each side until crispy. Transfer to a towel-lined plate.


Crack eggs in the pan. Cook until the whites are set and opaque and the yolk is still runny, then remove from the pan and set aside.


Add salsa to the pan and stir, cooking until thickened.


Add the tortillas back to the skillet and stir to combine.


Top with shredded cheese, cotija cheese or queso fresco, avocado slices, and avocado crema.


Finally, top with fried eggs. Serve, and enjoy!


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